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Consumer Unit Replacement

What is a consumer unit?

You might call it the fuse box, these days the hub of the electricity in your home is usually known as a consumer unit. Inside you’ll find the circuits that provide the power for all the electrical items in your house: sockets, lights, cooker, hob, smoke alarms, electric vehicle chargers any outdoor power.

The consumer unit provides a vital safety function: in the event of a fault it can protect you from electric shock, burns and even fire.

Our bespoke service includes, working to the latest edition wiring regulations, providing RCBO protection for every circuit, and providing a surge protection device that protects you, your home and all the electrical devices within it.

Your electrical installation should be checked every 10 years, every 5 if you live in a rented property, check your consumer unit now and see if its in date.

Consumer Unit Replacement
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